Friday, August 6, 2010

Blackberry Torch and Blackberry 6 OS Just Not Good Enough

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The Blackberry Torch has finally seen the light of the day.  Blackberry has been producing some pretty unexciting phones over the past couple of years so its nice to see a new form factor.  The Blackberry Torch brings the highly anticipated Blackberry OS 6 (BOS6) along with it.  I have watched a video review of BOS6 Software here on earlier and I must agree with Josh Topolsky; the new OS is an improvement but it is just not good enough.  iOS and Android both provide an unbelievable mobile phone experiences.  Blackberry is falling behind and losing customers to Apple, Motorola, and HTC.  Once upon a time, owning a Blackberry was a source of pride.  The OS was cutting edge and the email functionality could not be topped.  However,  the Exchange Active Sync movement is exploding in the corporate world and gmail dominates the personal email market.  The last bastion of hope for Blackberry lies in the beloved Blackberry Messenger application.  Over time users will grow tired of the lesser functionality and migrate to a more innovative Mobile Phone OS.

If Blackberry plans on surviving the Mobile Phone OS evolution they really need to bring their A game.  I feel that BOS6 is a half-hearted effort to catch up with today's fast paced rate of innovation.  To survive this market, innovation is a necessity and must come in large doses.  "My phone is almost as good as" just will not stand.

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