Friday, October 29, 2010

Sony Playstation Phone

The above leaked image is believed to be Sony's Playstation Phone.  According to Engadget, the phone will running Android 3.0 (HoneyComb) featuring a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM.  The screen size has yet to be determined and the phone will support MicroSD.

This device comes as little surprise.  Sony and Nintendo have been slowly losing market share to Apple's iPhone/iPod touch.  Casual games sales have proven to be quite lucrative garnering support from major publishers such as EA (Electronic Arts).  With PSP sales dwindling, Sony needs this to succeed to remain relevant in this market place.  Historically, devices like this have not done well (Nokia N-Gage); however, the current Android/iOS frenzy has created an environment which gives the PlayStation phone a fighting chance.

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